What is Black Hole Number? 3 examples detailed explanations

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Did you know what is black hole number? Why 4 is called a black hole number? did you know how many black hole numbers are there? if you did not know, hurry! you will know today. if you knew before please don’t leave I assure you obviously will know something new and with proper clarification.

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what is a black hole?

Why these numbers are called black whole numbers? To know this, first, you have to know what is black hole actually. A black hole is a mysterious space element in the universe. By many processes, it is created one of the reasons is the death of a star. There is a theory that is a star can be converted to a black hole after death. There is the Sagittarius A* black hole at the center of a galaxy, Milky Way. Some astrophysicists think that every galaxy contains a black hole at its center. Due to its strong gravitational force, nothing can escape from it, not even light i.e. Photon particle.
Now, “Nothing can escape it”– this endless loop property of a black hole is the reason why these numbers are called black hole numbers

What is black hole number?

black hole number
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a black hole number is a number from where you cannot escape or cannot get another number continuing the same process. if you think deeply you will get many black hole numbers and via many methods. Every method concludes a type of black hole number. Are you still confused? keep reading I assure you that the example will clarify it. Though there are many types and many examples today are askerweb.com will show you three examples.

Example of Blackhole numbers:

Method number 1:( 4 is a blackhole number)

What is the explanation for 4’s “black hole number” property?

Did you know, Why 4 is called a black hole number? let’s start with the simplest example of a block hole number. Let’s take any word.

  • “Mathematics”. how many letters are there in “Mathematics”? eleven.
  • Now, how many letters in the word “Eleven”? Six.
  • Now, how many letters in “Six”? Three.
  • Now, how many letters in the word “Three”? Five.
  • Now, how many letters in the world “Five”? Four.
  • Now, how many letters in the word “Four”? Four.

Now, how many letters in the word four? 4 . You can not escape from 4. This is the reason why 4 is a black hole number.

let’s analyze another word:

Let’s take our website name, “Askarweb”. How many letters are there in “Askerweb”? Eight. Now, how many letters are there in “Eight”? Five. Now, how many in the word “Five”? Four. Now, how many letters are there in the word “Four”? 4. Again you have been trapped in 4.

OK I think you got it.

Method number 2: (20 is a blackhole number)

  • Let’s take any number. 20. Now, let’s calculate how many numbers can divide 20?
  • 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20. These 6 numbers can divide 20. Now, add the numbers individually, i.e. digit-wise. 1+2+4+5+1+0+2+0=15.
  • Now, let’s find out what numbers can divide 15?
  • 1,3,5,15. These 4 numbers can divide 15. Now, if we add them in the previous method. The result will be- 1+3+5+1+5=15. Simply you can not get rid of 15 now. So, in this method 15 is the black hole number.

Let’s take another example, 14:

  • Let’s find out the divisor of 14.
  • 1,2,7,14. These 4 numbers can divide 14. If you find out the sum of them individually or digit-wise, it will be 1+2+7+1+4=15.
  • Again if we repeat the same process, the result will be nothing but 15.

Note: if you face any trouble regarding any number, comment below, I’m sure enough that the result will be the same after repeating the same process.

Method number 3:(123 is a blackhole number)

This type of black hole number is also based on number anlysis. Let’s start.

  • Let’s take any number. 906462
  • Now, we have to count how many even digits, odd digits, and total digits are there.
  • In this number, there are 5 even digits, which are 0,6,4,6,2.
  • In this number, there is 1 odd digit, which is 1.
  • And there is a total of 6 digits in this number.
  • Now, if we write a number whose first portion is how many even digits, the second portion is how many odd digits and the last part is how many total digits. So, in this case, the result is 516.
  • Now, repeat the same process for 516.
  • In 516 there is 1 even digits(6), 2 odd digits(5,1) and 3 total digits.
  • So, now, we can write 123.
  • Examine yourself the same process for any number, and you must get the same result. If it does not happen repeat the same process.

So, in this method the black hole number is “123”.

Conclusion: comment below if you have any doubt. Do comment too, if I’m wrong anywhere. Please share, because it’s the easiest way to gain knowledge.

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