Know the 4 types of parallel universe or Multiverse Theory detailed

4 types of parallel universe

The parallel universe is an unsolved mystery, a universe, where you may be still alive or may die, but in this universe, you are still alive, you know. According to this theory, we are living in a multiverse of multiple universes. For each probability in everybody’s life there is a universe, may exist at a Googol or googolplex distance or also may exist around us, but at different dimensions

To start our topic first lets discuss what is it?

I said already in my previous post, there was nothing that exists before the universe, no particle, no light, no time too. everywhere were only darkness ( Since there was no particle, there was no photon too, this results in absence of the light) We all know that the most acceptable theory of the birth of the universe is the big bang theory. By this, our universe was created, but there is another theory that states it is not only our universe that took birth by this method. Similar universes were also created by this big bang or may by other big bangs, happened somewhere else. This big bang was actually an explosion, that forces the universe to expand till now, which is inflation theory. However, all universes is called the multiverse.

Can we know the past & future of the universe? Could everyone have their own parallel universe?

I don’t know if there is any exact method to know it, but we can predict it. Lets understand the prediction. Did you ever think how LBW in cricket works, it all stand on the prediction & calculation in classical Physics. Similarly, we predicts the universe’s states at different times. If we throw a ball in a empty space the all future properties of this ball we fix at that time. Similarly The all information about this universe, including its states & different events, were fixed at the time of big bang. Everything you did, are doing & will do, was fixed at the birth of the universe, but there were many probabilities, but each probality is equal to one universe. I think you are clear how the multiverse theory works.

4 levels of parallel universe:

visible parallel universe

Level 1:

Extended universe or Visible universe– Do you know how is the shape of the universe? Is it infinitely flat or spherical or eliptical. Scientists did an experiment to know it, They tried the light to reach at the two ends of the universe from a point on the earth, but surprisingly, the angle between two ends was 180 degree or a satraight line, that suggests our universe is infinitely flat. This does not suggests the other universe is also flat, because, if our universe is infinitely flat, other universes are outside of this. And till now we only are able to know the visible universe ( the universe we still explored or knew), so this is impossible to know the characteristics of other universes situated at many Googol(10^100) or Googolplex(10^10^100) distance. So, in short, our universe is infinite, but we are limited to the observable universe, what we till now explored, and that’s why we can not know or reach the other universes.

But how we are sure about the universes similar to our universe?

If we make many combinations with some digits, after some unique combinations, numbers start to repeat, similarly, there are repeated universes. So, this mathematical calculation proves the existence of similar universes.

bubble universe, baby blackhole universe

Level 2:

Bubble universe– This is also called baby blackhole universe. Eternel inflation theory explains it. According to this theory, there are many universes like bubble flowing in the hyperspace. When they split or mix, a new universe takes birth. This method is called “Bubble Nucleation” In this level of the universe, we also can’t know the other universes, because nothing is connected here.

Level 3:

Quantum universe– Do you know where electron exists? You may answer on the orbitals outside of the nucleus. But, the answer is not complete. The electron does not always exist. They exist when they interact. They materialize in a place when they collide with something else. The quantum leaps from one orbit to another constitute their way of being real. The electron is a combination of leaps from one interaction to another. When nothing disturbs it, an electron does not exist anymore in any place. So electron can appear at any place at the same time. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle supports this. So if an electron behaves like this, it should not sound surprising that we also can stay at many places at the same time.

However, this type of universe is always around us, but we can not feel it or see it, because they are in a different dimension or more accurately in a higher dimension, we can feel maximum 3 dimensions, but it is still unknown how the other animals watch or feel the universe. To let you know time is the 4th dimension. This theory explains the parallel universe most accurately and explains many time travel paradoxes. Suppose you do a time travel and reaching to your past you kill yourself, then there is a question mark arises against your existence. But, quantum universe explains that you do not kill yourself, you kill a person similar to you, but not you. Don’t worry this theory is still not fully proved. Large Hadron Collider experiment in Fermi Lab where microparticles have collided was an attempt to explain this theory. There a new particle Graviton (Responsible for Gravity) was seen, but the preservation of such particle was almost impossible because they suddenly appear & disappear.

supercharged membrane universe, m-heory

Level 4:

Supercharges membrane universe– This theory stands on the Mathematical democracy principle. This principle states that in different universes there may be different mathematic rules and physics rules. M-theory & string theory supports this, according to String theory (Theory of everything, because it has the ability to explain any theory), there are 11 dimensions in our universe, most of which beyond our feelings. What is a string in String Theory? We knew the smallest particle of a thing is an atom, but later we knew it was wrong because it is made with proton, neutron & electron, but later we knew these are also made with another smaller particle, Quark, but, later we discover Quark is not fundamental particle too, the Quark is made with string, which by vibrating creates different particles. What particle is born, that depends on the vibration of the string. According to M-theory, all universes are like membranes, situated in the empty time-space. They are situated side-by-side like the pages of a book (as every new page contains new study material, a new concept, the different membrane universe contains new Mathematical & Physics laws) & they vibrate. And due to the vibration sometimes, small parts of them collide, which may result in the explosion and birth of a new universe. This vibration of the membranes is due to the strings. These membranes or universes can be connected, but that’s on the other dimension and that’s why it’s invisible to us.

m-theory & string theory


At last, these are the 4 types or 4 levels of parallel universe. We don’t know if they really exist, but it’s right that the parallel universe explains many doubts & paradoxes. What is your opinion? Is there any other type? Please comment below.

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