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Welcome-to-Askerweb, Education, Technology, Science, Movie, Current Affairs, blogging, Physics (especially Quantum Physics such as the parallel universe, multiverse, various paradoxes) especially the space-related discussion like blackhole, wormhole, time-travel happen here. Various amazing facts on the earth, universe, animal-world & mythbursting & trending tech related news are updated here. Time dilation, special & General theory of relativity analysed here very deeply. In short, secrets of the universe is here.

Askerweb is a blogging website producing top-notched articles based on Science & Technology. Especially Science projects, Astronomy, Astrophysics, cosmology, Blackhole, wormhole, parallel universe, multiverse, planets (Earth, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus), star (sun, Alpha Centauri, etc.), Quasar, comets, satellites, asteroids, solar & lunar eclipse, meteor, galaxy (Milkyway, etc.), various laws & paradoxes (Oort, Olber, Hubble, etc.) Kepler’s laws, parallax, technology (computer, internet,  windows(operating system), Linux (kernel),  quantum computer, VPN etc…

Re-inventing the wheel let’s put a pin in that high touch Scientific posts…

Science Project

Some interesting, easy, home-made Science projects


Discussion About Science


Technology Is A Subject That Is Driving The Whole Modern World



Some confusing events, which are true & false simultaneously

Myth vs Fact

Some Myths & Analyzation Of Reason Behind Them

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Hi, I'm Dwaipayan Baidya, currently a Physics student, is curious to explore many things happened in universe

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