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What is parallel universe and multiverse theory detailed explanation by

parallel universe and multiverse theory
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parallel universe, multiverse theory by askerweb

parallel universe is such a theory that explains many unsolved mysteries, though this theory is not experimentally proved or more accurately can be said in the group of Science fiction. Now, what is Science-fiction? Science -fiction theories are those which can not be proved practically due to lack of appropriate technologies and infrastructure, but they are reasonable and well-explained.

multiverse theory
What is parallel universe and multiverse theory detailed explanation by 7


Let’s start from the most-acceptable theory of the birth of the universe- “The Big Bang Theory”, if you don’t know what is this or if you know but want to clear any doubt you can read the article What is Big Bang Theory detailed explanation by

However, it states that there was nothing, no space, no time except only a high-dense point before the universe’s birth. Then due to an unknown reason it burst and high-dense matter inside it started to spread out and from then to till now it’s expanding (according to inflation theory). This is the time from when we started to count time, that’s why it’s said that time did not exist before the big bang. However previously the matter was of metal-poor and from the high-dense cloud made from this kind of low-metality matters (Nebula) the first type of star, population III stars were created.

Parallel universe

parallel universe
What is parallel universe and multiverse theory detailed explanation by 8

But now I’m asking you what if there were another empty space and in the same method another big bang happened there and the universe created, but that universe might take birth before or after our universe. Let’s understand it easily. Look at the above picture. The two lines suggest two propagation of two universes. 1st is of our universe & second is of another. I assume the big bang for our universe took effect before, so, though two universes have spent the same time, what event is occurring today in the second universe, we already have known it, because what is present there, is our past.


multiverse theory
What is parallel universe and multiverse theory detailed explanation by 9

Now think it for more than one universe. Change the word “another” to “other”. They all took birth in a similar way at different times and expanded similarly. Then there comes the concept of Multiverse. Now, look at the above picture. This is an updated version of the previous picture, where I take three universes (including our) into consideration. I think it is clear to you why the present in our universe is the past of the 3rd universe and it’s the future of the 2nd universe.

Against these theories:

These other universes carry on forever in the space-time. But according to astrophysicist Etan Siegal, there are some limitations. One of them is that he said the expansion at the beginning of the universe took place exponentially because there was so much “energy inherent to space itself,” which is inflation theory. According to him that inflation obviously slowed down because some matters created at that time may not expand now anymore. This suggests the different rates of inflation & different times for inflation, which basically decrease the possibility of similar universes like us (Multiverse).

Agreeing with him if we draw the the above pic then it will be like that….

parallel universe different inflation
What is parallel universe and multiverse theory detailed explanation by 10

Watch carefully here the lengths and directions of all lines are not the same & due to the different inflation rate the direction of the lines is not constant. So, the events and the eras, through which our universe has propagated, may be fully different for the other universes. So it concludes that every universe which is a part of the multiverse did not get enough time to rearrange the particles, which makes it less possible for the existence of our similars.

How to contact yourself in a parallel universe?

To know that at first we have to know……

where is the parallel universe?

we know the universe is infinity, but do you know what is infinity? Let’s share a story. Some years ago in school, there was an illogical debate between me & my friends- who has more pens? like an auction he said 10, then I said 20, then he said 50 & next I aid 100, So, as there was no connection of the auction to the reality, it was never-ending. Then suddenly, I said I have more than your said number. Then the auction stopped, no there was nothing to say. Later I came to know here was the concept of infinity. By definition, infinity s what is beyond our imagination or more precisely, the value of infinity is always greater than what we can think. Anyway, come to the point. the universe can be divided into the two types in the sense of where it’s.

  1. Visible universe
  2. Invisible or beyond our vision or exploration

some astrophysicists think that parallel universe exists out of our exploration, i.e. it is outside the limit or radius of the universe till how much we have explored. so, it is not static. why did I say static? To let you understand it, first, let me tell a funny story. Once I with my friend was playing cricket. ok, so what? We were playing in a big field, so we had to limit the boundary. Here is the funny moment regarding the mention of the boundary. the off-side boundary was finalized by a cow who was eating the grass & was wandering about. after some time we realized how many fools we were, due to the uncertain wandering of the cow the boundary was not fixed. for that, if someone’s a shot was able to hit a boundary where another person’s effort was counted as a boundary. Here was the problem, that’s why the boundary was unstable. Similarly here we can not consider the parallel universe as static or fixed and are not able to find the exact location of it.

according to another group of astrophysicists every parallel universe is actually mixed with others. That means our parallel universe maybe around or beside us, but the question is why we can not feel it? the answer dimension, yes, normally we know everything as 3d or three-dimension in our materialistic life, but there are many theories that claim the existence of more dimension. One of them is string theory, which claims more than 10 dimensions. Besides, we already know about the 4th dimension, time. Now the problem is we can not feel them, if we assume that we can feel them, then we don’t know the feeling. Here is the solution to the parallel universe. If many parallel universes are around us, they are obviously in the higher dimensions why we can not contact them. I’m sorry. we can contact them but not intentionally. They are all properties of our sub-conscious mind, some bright examples are the dream, déjā Vu. sometimes we see somethings in our dream, what we did not see before, in somebody’s case they did not see it before their death. So, what are the events, and what is the significance of them? they are the events of parallel universes or multiverse.

What is parallel universe and multiverse theory detailed explanation by 11

This was if the parallel universe is here or near to us. But if the theory is not right? If the parallel universe is at a great distance from us. It may be some Googol or Googolplex light-years distance. Then the solution is time travel or via a wormhole. Time travel is traveling at more speed than of light to break the rules of time, conventionally which propagates from past to future. And wormhole is another method of contacting an alternative universe. It’s obviously one kind of time travel, but here speed does not matter, because wormhole is actually a shortcut in the space-time, which connects two universes together. What is space-time? All we know Sir Isac Newton discovered the Gravitational force. But he failed to find its reason. Then Sir Albert Einstein told us that space does not exist alone, the 4th dimension, time is mixed with it, what is known as space-time to us. He also told this space-time is like a curtain or a flat net. And there create curves in these nets due to the stars & planets and other space-related matters. The more the mass of the star or planet is, the more the curve becomes deeper. Thus when the curves of two space-time connect, a wormhole creates by which we can go from one space-time to another, and after changing the space and time we can enter a new parallel universe. I hope you all understood what does parallel universe means & how to communicate with yourself through a parallel universe or how to open a portal to a parallel universe.

Parallel universe in fiction or parallel universe in movies:

Now it’s time to reveal if the all above events are real or possible? The answer is till now not officially found, but there are many mystical events considered caused due to the existence of the parallel universe. And based on them there are many Science-fiction films & web series in al over the world.

  • Parallels (2015) by Christopher Leone is an adventure series where a group of people of a small band traveled across parallel earths, led by Ronan & Beatrix, who are looking for their lost father.
  • Paradox (2016) by  Michael Hurst is a film based on the time-travel paradox, where a group of scientists sends a person to 1 hour ahead and he returns to shut down the project, to know more go & watch this amazing movie.
  • Another earth (2011) by Mike Cahill is an amazing film with an IMDb 7/10 rating, which is made on the story of an MIT student Rhoda Williams & her adventure to a new earth.
  • Mirage (2018) by Oriol Paulo is also a good film. Do you know what is a mirage? A mirage is an optical phenomenon in nature where light rays bend via refraction to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.
  • Coherence (2013) by James Ward Byrkit is a psychological science-fiction thriller film. It was the debut of James Ward Byrkit as a director.
  • The Incident, Triangle, The stranger, Fatherland, Crossworld are also good films to consider.
  • Besides, there are many Marvel & DC produced films and web series you should watch at least once. Dr. Strange, Thor is purely based on this concept.
  • The number one and the most famous TV-series in this subject is “Dark” by Netflix, which is personally recommended by me. It is nothing but a heaven for the watcher, who are interested in this.


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