Should we worry about how to protect our Android smartphone from viruses?

Should we worry about getting a cell phone virus? 

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We know that we keep a lot of precious, valuable data on our own phone, and when you hear in the news that there is a mobile virus threat spreading fast, it is very common to lose patience. We may worry about our personal information be stolen and yes, we should worry. It’s a matter of fear.
But there are some real issues and some myths regarding the android virus. Today I’m here for some myth bursting.

Can the Android virus exist?
Historically a virus means we understand what it is just a program that replicates itself by attaching to another program. Hackers often used these methods to spread their instructions which these programs can execute. But till now I never hear about such problems on the Android platform. These all happened in the old PC world.

Then what are the problems we often hear in the Android world?
Mostly these are malware (malicious software) and it can be spyware, ransomware, trojan, adware, nagware, worms that arise problems.
N. B. Virus is a kind of malware but every malware does not mean virus. And above all terms including viruses are different kinds of malware.

So should we worry about it? 
Yes, there can not be a virus but there can be other types of malware (ransomware, trojan, spyware, adware, etc.)
What is malware exactly?
Malware is short for malicious software is software designed to secretly control a device, steal private information or money from the device’s owner. It used to steal passwords and account numbers, tract user’s activities, and locations.

How can this malware enter the phone? 
We should put it in our head that in Android malware only can be in  .apk format i.e. only suspicious application downloading mainly from unknown sources increases the risk of malware attacks. So in the smartphone, Google play store is the only known source to download apps where other sources are described ads unknown. New smartphones of updated Android versions therefore warn us before attempt to install apps from unknown sources. So we should use the option ‘install apps from unknown sources’ very carefully. Where on the other hand, Windows is very risky with malware than Linux and Android. Can we answer why? Because Windows is a widely used platform for various works starting from entertainment to various Scientific research and here is the trick. Some software formats may not be recognized in Linux OS, Android OS as well as iOS, and macOS, but these all can be installed in Windows easily. So, very simply malware can be of various formats in Windows, so Windows is the bull’s eye for hackers. And very simply therefore Android is a safer platform.
Our risks appear for ourselves, we are responsible for malware attacking in our smartphones. If we download a just published app without knowing the source, the review then we very easily open our device to the world of hackers.
Mod application👉📱 is a very common type of malware. Besides if you are able to get a premium app free luckily, it is nothing but unlucky because once installed these apps may appear to work just as normal, but they can be busy with additional secret tasks. Some apps start out clean but are given malicious capabilities after seeming routine software updates.
N. B. One very common activity the malicious apps show us is that they are automatically updated and changed the version keeping us unknown.

Now finally how can we save ourselves? 
There are two methods. Use any of them as your requirements.

Method 1: Download only from Google play store
I have told previously that in Android Google play store is the only source termed as known by default (though, nowadays, some smartphones companies keep their official app downloading the app on the as known source. In MiUI ‘Get apps’ is an example)
But sometimes you may hear about malware in play store too and after users’ or reviewers’ reporting or rating or after getting Notification by some antivirus community Google erase those but in the meantime, the apps harm us already.
So it’s proved that it’s not a perfect solution. 
Method 2: Use Antivirus
 I know the word, in that case, is technically wrong because sometimes ago we proved that the virus for Android is not possible. But we have to take the term as the terms boyfriend and girlfriend mean lover and beloved respectively.
However, you can use a free antivirus installed from the play store.  But, there are some limitations too. We have to choose it very carefully, we should take a well-known, well-reviewed app.  Because sometimes we take a virus instead of antivirus 😁. Antivirus is such a type of app on our phone which needs almost every permission and unluckily if we expose ourselves especially our storage to a virus, then I think I don’t need to explain. Besides a free antivirus has limited features because most useful features are locked for premium members and if you luckily get enough features then it must be a trial version.
So, finally, we should buy an antivirus (sorry, antimalware) and use it. There are many ways. You can get it from the official websites and many other websites that provide the keys at a cheaper price. Here also you have to decide wisely because fraud websites take your money and supply fake or used keys.
Luckily Amazon is a brand that provides keys to various antivirus. It’s a name that can be trusted because of its worldwide reputation.

Here is some Android antivirus.

 I suggest you 1. Bitfinder, 2. Avast, 3. Kaspersky.
Others such as Quickheal, Norton, eSet are costly.
My choice is Bitfinder because they are cheapest, marked as Amazon choice, and enough to save you.

By the way, Kaspersky is also a solid choice.

And you can try Avast.

It’s a wise choice because of its VPN for one year provided with the other features. Avast secureline vpn is a rank holder in VPN industry and if you get a chance to taste it for one year and not only on one device but also on up to 5 devices, then it will be very very fruitful for you.

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