19 best alternatives of Google AdSense for a starter

Today we’re going to be looking at the Google AdSense alternatives. This is going to show you some of the other programs and opportunities out there to start making money with your site outside of Google AdSense. 


One of the best programs out there though it’s private and harder to get into is media.net and it’s almost exactly the same as Google Ad Sense Except that it’s powered by Yahoo and being. So if you can get to media.net and fill out an application on their site and you get approved you’ll be able to start running ads almost identical to Google AdSense. But they’ll be through another ad network and you might be seeing a lot better numbers as a result. They have a really great back end for tracking.


Infolinks.com is another alternative and they focus more on contextual advertising that actually places ads within your content and around it on your site. you’ll see that the text on the site says a keyword like a basketball and then the word basketball is highlighted in blue and is underlined twice. So if somebody was to put their mouse over that little pop up would show up that says ultimate sports gear. And then if somebody clicked on that you would then get a commission and you can also see that they serve banner advertising as well but the banner advertising isn’t within your content it’s actually above the content so appears right on the top of the browser. So if somebody doesn’t want to see that they can click on the X or they can actually click on learn more. So that’s a way to get ads really in your user’s face. And this is great for an informational overview type of site.


 We also have the Amazon Associates program and this is always going to be one of the best ways to make money online just simply from a standpoint that so many people use Amazon.com and already have accounts set up that it’s nothing for them at all to click on a link and start buying through their site. But at the same time, you’re usually not going to earn a ton of money through this unless you have a very niche heavy site that’s specifically focused on a product or something that’s for sale on Amazon.com. Either way, there is a great program to join and linking options Pretty much unless you can use banners you can link to specific sections or you can actually link to individual products. And the most successful people that are promoting Amazon usually see their success through direct linking. So if you’re going to try Amazon.com don’t focus on the banners don’t focus on the categories just linked directly to individual products.


                                                             credit: buysellads.com
buysellads.com is a great Website if you’re looking to sell banner advertising on your blog or web site because they have a ton of people that are already using it from both the publisher side which is people that have their own website or blog and the advertiser side. So they’re basically a network that communicates with both sides and allows people to easily buy ads on other Web sites. And if you look through the directory you’re going to see a lot of sites.

And here’s one for example iconfinder.com. They have over $8 million impressions every month. And then as you look to the bottom you’re going to see all the different ad spots available. And if you wanted to place an ad on their site you would just click buy now upload your banner and everything would be tracked through by cell ads and Bycel ads will take a percentage of that transaction because they’re basically the middleman and they’re doing all the transactional work. So you just have to place a small snippet code on your site and it’s all done for you.


Clicksor.com is another great place to look at. They do a lot of contextual and bannered based advertising. So what you’ll see from them is on the left side they can do interstitial advertising which is pop-ups or actually showing a middle page before your content actually loads on the right side you’ll see they do contextual advertising like we showed before with foldings. They do that so if you hovered over that word that’s highlighted there Society another banner ad would appear over it. And if they clicked on it then you would earn a commission. And then also do regular banner advertising and contextual banner advertising which you can see below.


 Another option is Qadabra and it is a new site but they’re competing directly with Google AdSense and they have a lot of different CPM based advertising. So you might get paid per click and get paid on CPM. They have a lot of different ways for them to advertise on your platform. And right here you can see an example of Qadabra ads in action and on the bottom we have a banner that Kadabra is actually serving on this Web site and it’s not on the actual Web site. it’s actually above it. So you can actually scroll through this Web site and that banner is not going to go away unless you click on the X or click on the banner. So Kadabra is another option for serving banner advertising throughout your site.


 And the last Google Adsense alternative that we’re going to be looking at is called Link vehicle. And what they do is offer sponsored blog content to their site partners. So once you sign up with Link vehicle you can ads your web site or blogs to their directory and you get paid to write about a specific article or topic on your site and they also have affiliate offers within their network as well so you can write about other affiliate offers and get paid should anyone complete those offers based off the content that you write.


Popads.com is a very renowned company for a long year ago.
Personally, I like this company for its honesty. There is no minimum traffic requirement to start earning money.  More than 50 countries they advertise. As the name suggests they only show pop-up and pop-under ads.


Propellerads is known for its innovative advertisement idea. There are various ad types and several payout methods. Minimum payout is 25$
N.B. This company is not for all because there is no option to categorize your ad content. So adult content is basic here.


Adversal is also a good choice but you have to keep monthly 50k visitors minimum to apply here. minimum payout is 20$ and they pay in a 35 days cycle. There are 3 methods of paying: Paypal, wire transfer and ACH.
apply here for adversal



Skimlinks and Viglink are two different types of options suitable for a business or e-commerce website.  It automatically creates a link of affiliate marketing according to your post. Both support Paypal payout methods and their ad type is text ads. And both are of 10$ minimum payout.


Monumetric is another choice where CPM is used more than CPC. However, They need a minimum of 10k monthly traffic.


If you are looking for better pay rates almost similar to Google Adsense, then yllix is the right choice. one account means one script given by them is enough for infinity websites. I mean Here don’t need to add websites. They only measure how much traffic they get by the script. They have also referral program.

N.B.  In yllix Automatic system maintenance will remove sites and sections based on the following criteria:
– sites older than 10 days that have had zero impressions in the last 7 days
– sections that have had zero impressions in the last 7 days – sections of deleted websites


Evadav is another perfect choice like yllix. Earlier there is push notification only, later they updated to various ad types like banner, native, pop-up, pop-under, etc. Here is also a referral program that you can and earn.


Bidvertiser is the best ad community that perfectly combine a publisher with an advertiser.


Adsterra is an user-friendly, well-organized, and fast-growing ad site with more than 5 million impressions per month. Pre-roll video ad is an innovative idea of them.


Adclickmedia is a digital company with a high CPC and CPM rate. There are no minimum traffic requirements.


With a minimum of 2k monthly visitors and for USA with a minimum of 1k monthly visitors you can apply for Adbuff, which has a higher CPC & CPM rate.

Besides, there are Revcontent, Adrecover, Madads Media, Mediavine, etc.

 But that’s not all because there are so many different ways to make money online especially with blogging and affiliate marketing is always going to be one of the major contributors to how revenue is made online. You can always create your own products directly. You can build your own mailing list and send out updates to your followers. Let them know when a new product comes out. A new blog post. So many different ways to monetize your content. You can even create your own services. And of course, you can do your own on-site advertising or sponsored reviews. So there’s a lot of different options to consider. Try all these different networks that are listed here Basically everything I’d use to grow my website blog and business to what it is today. You’re also going to see my latest courses there as well. So be sure to check it out at blogging dot org slash resources. And I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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