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Is PUBG banned in India 2020 completely? How can we still play PUBG legally

PUBG banned in India
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PUBG banned in India or not? Why PUBG banned in India? How can we still play PUBG legally? before knowing all the questions let’s start from scratch. PUBG is a game that stands for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, designed by Brendan Greene, first launched in 2017. Before Knowing how to play PUBG in India now, first,

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Is really PUBG banned in India? Here’s how you can still play it

let’s know is PUBG a Chinese game?

The answer is no, with 10% yes. Don’t confuse, I am here to explain. You should know PUBG owner’s name and country and PUBG CEO name. PUBG was developed & published by a South Korean Company PUBG Corporation. This PUBG Corporation is powered by a South Korean game development studio Bluehole. The first concept of this game hit to the brain of a Canadian, Brenden Greene. So, it is cleared that this is not a Chinese game.

Then where is the problem? Why Is PUBG banned in India?

yes, there is a loophole, there is a Chinese connection or a Chinese influence and the influencer is Tencent. Previously, the game was for PC’s only, so, it was not so popular at that time because everyone can’t afford a PC. The problem was solved by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. With the association with Tencent PUBG corporation first launched a mobile-only version, “PUBG MOBILE” in March 2018. But, there was another problem, since the graphics and hardware of the game were very heavy, everyone can not afford that level heavy gaming smartphone, so here, another problem was solved by Tencent, they helped PUBG corporation to launch PUBG Mobile Lite in August 2019, a low-graphics light-weight game to ensure smooth gaming experience in low to middle range smartphone & it became available PUBG to everyone.

So I think you understand the reason why the app PUBG banned in India. Now coming to the point…

PUBG banned in India
PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

Where & how to play PUBG now in India legally?

As I previously said, the origin of the game even the game itself is not Chinese but the main reason behind its growth is its mobile version & behind it, the reason is china, i.e. Tencent. This is the master-mind why the game was worldwide popular. So, Govt. of India only banned the application version (Mobile version), where Tencent existed with a huge share-holdings. The software version (PC version) is still live & available to everyone in India (Though the game is available to everyone there is a big question about the availability of a Personal Computer to everyone because, in a developing country like India, it’s really impossible for everyone to access a personal computer).

Is it legal to play PUBG’s PC in India?

Yes, it’s completely legal. You can play it without a headache and without a VPN. It’s available on Xbox, PC PS4, etc. with more features and more graphics than the mobile version.

Will it be legal or available to play PUBG’s PC in india in future?

Here’s bad news. Unfortunately, the probability of the ban on PUBG’s PC in India is very very high. Again the reason will be Tencent. Again Tencent appeared here with a 10% stake in Bluehole. So, the future of the PUBG’s PC gamer & the game itself is not safe & secured. the future is not so far when the PUBG’s PC will also be added to the banned list.

Lets eye on the minimum specifications or requirements of a PC to play PUBG’s PC:

Minimum Hardware for PUBG’s PC:

Minimum CPU requirement– intel core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 with 64 bit processor

Minimum GPU requirement– 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or a2GB AMD Radeon R7370 Graphics Card

Minimum Ram– 8GB

Minimum available space– at least 30 GB in your PC should be empty

Minimum Software for PUBG’s PC:

The operating system should not be older than Windows 7

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In which countries is PUBG banned besides India?

Not only India, there are many countries in the world where PUBG is banned, but they may be temporay and reasons are slightly different. Here is a list of some top countries where PUBG is banned-

Jordan-stating that PUBG affects citizens mentally & physically, the Govt. of Jordan banned it since July 2019.

Pakistan-In July 2020, PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) banned it because of its addictive nature and its bad effect on children’s mental and physical health.

Iraq– It was among the first countries who started the process very early. Iraq did not be late to understand its negetive effects and since 2019, PUBG, Fortnite & Blue Whale were banned in Iraq.

China– I know it seems to be a meme to you. But it’s fact that ironically Chinese Govt also banned PUBG stated that it promotes ‘blood and gore’ (Violence) and alternatively they decided to release a new game named ‘Game of Peace’.

Following China, India also is going to launch a new game named as FAU-G, developed & published by nCore, an Indian game development company, stated that it will teach the users in India the real meaning of patriotism & how to sacrifice for the country, because, FAU-G will be based on the real scenarios faced by the Indian defense forces. Highlights, 20% of the earning revenue from the game FAU-G, will be donated to the ‘BharatKeVeer’ trust. The upcoming game is expected to be the alternative to PUBG Mobile but the co-founder of nCOre, Vishal Gondal who is also the CEO of GOQII rejected the expectations & says that “There’s a belief that Indian game developers can’t produce good quality games, at nCore we want to prove that mentality wrong and bring out games that can compete with international games,” Gondal said. “Our team of developers is highly qualified and capable of developing games as good as PUBG or any other internal games.”

However, in addition to the above-mentioned countries, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, UAE (United Arab Amirsahi) also banned both PUBG’s PC & PUBG Mobile on public demand.


According to me, Govt. has done this with a pure thought for the country. PUBG Mobile banned in India due to privacy concerns. So, please respect it & don’t manipulate them with illegal activities. Please write a comment below how you feel & what is your opinion for the PUBG & PUBG’s ban.

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