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What is VPN meaning and feature fully explained

What is VPN meaning
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What is VPN meaning & fully explained in short by Askerweb will be done today. what is VPN split tunneling will be described to you. Stay tuned.

What is VPN meaning & How does a VPN work?

People who commute to the world of the internet every day, have heard the word VPN at least once. Many readers may know what a VPN is; However, do not usually use it. There may be others who have seen their friends use VPN but have never used it themselves. Again, one might think that the only job of a VPN is to enter a blocked website. But is that really so? How important is it for you to use VPN?
Let’s find out then.

VPN Virtual private network
What is VPN meaning and feature fully explained 3

What is VPN meaning? (Full form)

If you want to know what does VPN stands for, the full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. First of all, let’s start with a story without going into the traditional definition of VPN. Suppose you live on a small island in a vast ocean. In addition to the island you live on, there are hundreds of other islands nearby. A few are too close, But the rest is far away. And the only way to get around these islands is by a medium-sized boat. Now if you have to go to a nearby island, you have to get on that boat. But when you get on the boat you have to assume that none of your privacy is being protected here. Because anyone on the boat will notice what you’re doing.

Now imagine that each island there has a LAN (Local Area Network) and that sea is the Internet. The Internet connects the LANs just as the sea connects the islands. And traveling by boat means connecting to a web server. Just as you have no control over the people traveling by boat, you have no control over your internet service provider. This means that your ISP (Internet Service Provider), which has given you an Internet connection, can observe the movements of your Internet navigator in the same way that one can see what you are doing when you try to travel by boat.

But what if you had a small submarine on the island? Then you could easily travel from one island to another while maintaining your own security and privacy! You can travel as you wish without letting anyone know what you are doing or not doing. VPN works like the submarine in our story. When you’re using a public network, there’s always a risk of privacy. To avoid this risk, VPN is a way to connect to your own private or private network. It allows you to access the web in disguise from anywhere in the world.

How a VPN works:

VPN encrypts your Internet connection and converts your device’s IP address to another. It actually creates a virtual ‘tunnel’ between you and your internet destination. This tunnel is created after a connection between your device and a VPN server. Once connected to the VPN server, that server confirms your privacy through its encryption protocol. As a result, when you exchange information, it goes through a secure tunnel. You can compare this tunnel to sending a letter in an envelope. Just as it is not possible to see what you have written in the letter without tearing the envelope, it is not easy to know what you are doing using a VPN.
So ISP means your internet connector doesn’t understand that you are using VPN or what are you doing? The answer is – no, not at all! Of course, your ISP will understand that you are using VPN, but they will not tell you where you are going on the Internet, what you are doing. Lastly, if you want a little more privacy, you can use Google Public DNS instead of using your ISP’s Domain Name Servers (DNS).

Why use VPN? When to do it?

Many people must have guessed why they use VPN. Have you ever considered installing a VPN application? If that is the case then maybe you should try to control your temper. Because there is still something to be said about using VPN while maintaining security!

You should also have a concept regarding VPN Kill switch & VPN split tunneling.
Anyway, let’s go back to the example of the letter in the envelope. Suppose you want to send a letter to someone. A man has also been recruited to send the letter. But you did not put the letter in the envelope and gave it to the man. Now he can read your letter if he wants to. Your ISP can act just like this guy; If you want you can see what you are doing on the internet. So if you want to avoid that problem, use VPN. Again many readers may think your ISP is very loyal. It is not wrong to think so. But one thing to keep in mind is that the ISP may keep you under surveillance or steal your information even if it does not want to. So it is wise to be careful in advance. So even if you don’t always use VPN, at least use VPN when exchanging personal or confidential information.
Not to mention another thing. That is public Wi-Fi. We all chase after free things! So free Wi-Fi is no exception. Many of us start using free Wi-Fi without thinking about security. But these networks are the most likely to steal information. So the easiest and safest way to use VPN when using these networks!
There is security. In addition to this, you can use VPN to unblock any website. That is, if your ISP does not allow you to access a website, you can easily get there using a VPN

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