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what is VPN kill switch free? how to create it? #1 best provider:

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A VPN kill switch is a must-have browsing privacy tool you need one if you are a long-term VPN user and your computer often remains connected to the internet and most importantly if online privacy matters to you.

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VPN kill switch

what is VPN kill switch?

To know what is VPN kill switch is and how to get or create it, you must know what is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online privacy tool that hides your original IP address by moving your network activity to a different secured server from a public unsecured Wi-Fi network. It encrypts your data and supplies it through a secured connection, which in return gives you safety, security & anonymity. You should know that using a VPN is legal in most countries, but if you want to do any illegal activity then, you should keep in mind that it remains illegal with a VPN what is illegal without a VPN, VPN normally hides your online activities from snooper, leakers or Government, but it is risky if somehow VPN connection fails, no VPN can save you. This is where the VPN kill switch comes into play. If a VPN Kill Switch is enabled previously, it instantly disconnects your internet connection as soon as your VPN connection fails.

vpn kill switch
what is VPN kill switch free? how to create it? #1 best provider: 5

how does vpn kill switch work?

As I have mentioned before, a VPN kill switch is a safety tool that helps you protect your network connection when your VPN disconnects. The VPN you use redirects all your internet traffic through a funnel hidden and encrypted from anything attempting to snoop on you. They can be a hacker or any Government person.

However, a VPN fails from time to time and when it happens, unfortunately, all your encrypted traffic becomes visible and can be logged by your ISP or even by the government. And then your talk with the internet should be disabled immediately. This killing feature is called a VPN kill switch.

Why should you use a VPN kill switch?

Suppose you are doing anything where there is a risk of being monitored, hacked or exposed like torrent downloading or something banned in your country (disclaimer: I’m not provoking you to do anything banned or illegal in your country, I’m saying it just for educational purposes) and all of these you can do with the help of a VPN, and a VPN gives you to do these all because it secures & encrypts your data and connection. But, when the VPN you are using disconnects, God knows what will happen to you.

Though there is an argument that users can kill the connection manually, but ask yourself this is a matter of some fraction of a second. In the meantime of the disconnection of VPN and disconnection to the internet by you, all the works can be completed by the person monitored on you.

If you are living in a country where citizen’s internet connections are monitored a VPN kill switch is a must-have precaution for you.

Sometimes, a VPN connection fails, and this is the main reason for using a VPN kill switch. Network congestion, huge traffic load to a particular VPN connection (unavailability of connection), software crashes, firewall settings and your preferred VPN protocol you use, cause these failures.

vpn kill switch
what is VPN kill switch free? how to create it? #1 best provider: 6

How to get a VPN killer?

These days, all major VPN companies provide a VPN kill switch included in their subscriptions. Express VPN is the fastest VPN and the most trusted VPN is Nord VPN analyzed and suggested by askerweb.


You might be safe, a VPN switch killer, even a VPN is not needed by you, but it is a safety precaution you should have because precaution is better than cure.

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